The Leuchturm App is a POS developed to help servers in a stressful enviroment to have a better overview over a big space with multiple use and also navigate the oder process more easily

The Challenge

The task was to redesign or develop an interface and operating concept for the primary functions of a POS or cash register system in context of your choosing.


The POS was chosen for the context of the lighthouse bowling alley in Schwäbisch Gmünd. The main reason for this was the departmentalization of the facility into its individual sub-areas. Here we refer to the following areas: a Bar, a sports lounge, a bowling area, a restaurant, and a shisha lounge, as well as slot machines and billiards. Thus, the focus of the project was on a functional integration of all areas.

Information Architecture


Each server has an account to which they log in at the beginning of the shift. The login is possible by name and password or by fingerprint.

In the profile, the data of the day and the monthly working hours are registered.


Since the floor plan does not fit on one screen in terms of size, we have divided the different areas into four screens. You can navigate between them by swiping right or left.

The screens for the sections all have the same structure. The header starts with the headline of the respective area. Below that, there is additional information for the selected area. In addition to the headline, the page indicator shows which of the four screens you are on.

order process

As soon as you select a table, in this case table 14, you get to our table menu. At the top, the table number is listed again for orientation and a breadcrumb menu. Via the breadcrumb menu it is possible to return to the main area. Below these elements the selected table is visualized including seats. Under the table view, the empty shopping cart is visible for the first time.


After the button for payment is pressed, the booked product list is shown again and the total amount.


4 months long Project during the 2nd Semester at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd in the course "interface and usability" with Corinna Hirt, Robin Bork and Jona Maletic, supervised by Thomas Techert .