Portrait of the forest
Exhibition design

The Task

This project was developed for the exhibition design course. We were assigned a person who is connected to the forest and asked to create an exhibition portrait of them. This is the reason for portraying Ueli Sauter and his „Friedwald“. The project should focus on conceiving a spatial exploration of Sauter and the forrest allowing visitors to experience a three dimensional portrait. The goal was to concentrate an a leading exhibit in connection with typography and image material.


By visiting one of the cemetery forests we could get new information and a closer look at our topic.We set ourselves the goal of presenting the topic as neutral as possible in order to give the visitors the possibility to deal with the topic of death individually. Furthermore we wanted to create a generally simplified image of the funeral tree in connection with the urn as the leading exhibit.


We divided the exhibition into eight blocks of information, each printed on a 40cm x 200cm banner. The typography on the banners, due to the hierarchical arrangement, represents a wave-like movement that is intended to reflect the philosophy of Ueli Sauter.

The transparent banners are hung on an octagonal frame which is fixed to the ceiling, so that the banners form a column, which represents the simplified form of a tree trunk. In the cavity of the formed column, there is an image and quotations layer. To create a contrast to the rather big sterile looking banners we used the postcard format and natural green tones for that layers design.

Our leading exhibit, the urn, is deliberately displayed on the floor. Through this, we create a clear hierarchy between the urn buried under the ground and the tree rising up into the sky.


End of December 2019


Meret Ripper, Thanh Tran, Jennifer Schnurr


Anne Sievers