Deixa a gira girar

Audiovisual design

The Task

The project includes an instrumental song that is visually translated on the basis of changing geometric shapes. We chose an instrumental part of the song „Deixa a gira girar“ from Os tincoas. The result is a visually designed syntax of that piece of music.


To be able to visually translate this song we had to analyze the song and find out both the numbers of instruments playing and when each of them is audible. Therefore we designed a soundtrack analysis to build the first foundation.

We also created morphological grids regulating a precise movement system for the forms according to their musical characteristics. This should result in a unified movement flow of the individual shapes.


The square was decided to be the basic shape and we formed a hierarchy of instruments. The square was then adapted in size according to the instruments hierarchical place for each music instrument. As a result the dominant instruments appear as larger shapes while the subdominant ones are represented by smaller squares.

Each instrument is assigned a color based on the sound temperature. Our colour spectrum includes blue tones (cold) and red tones (warm). They mix due to the squares fading every time the tone changes, thereby representing the flowing and blurring transition of the music.

For a finale we designed a corresponding event poster, which should pick up a part of the transparent overlays in the video.


February 2020


Cidem Celik, Diana Hutter, Jennifer Schnurr


Prof. Michael Götte
Veldana Sehic