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A journal about german emigration
Information design, UX design

The Task

This Projekt was developed in the course „Information design 1“. The main task was to create infographics about a selected topic. We had to focus on developing systems to illustrate a variety of data in the best way possible.


When we think about emigration, we usually think of the current crisis areas and their refugees. By thinking about emigration, we are not immediately aware that many European emigrants have left their country en masse in the past. To create clarity and understanding, we were interested in showing the emigration from Germany. For this purpose we researched the history of Germany and collected data on how many Germans emigrated. It was also interesting to show where they emigrated to.


To differ from the classic bar chart, we decided to use a visual language consisting of icons, maps, and a specialized infographics style. The corresponding legends explain how to read the infographics. The text sections next to them provide more detailed information on the individual infographics.

The newspaper format is continued by an interactive page with an eyewitness account, which gives a deeper insight into emigration.

By telling Emma's story digitally, we can integrate audio, video, and animation.


February 2020


Meret Ripper, Jennifer Schnurr


Prof. Ulrich Schendzielorz
Stefan Kraiss