Winter im Sommer

A magazine about the
extreme sport ski jumping
Editorial design

The Task

This Projekt was developed in the course „Typografie, Bild, Layout“. The main task was to create a magazine about a selected sport that we had never dealt with before. The focus of this work lies in the typographic and photographic elaboration.


Ski jumping is mainly associated with winter, cold and lots of snow, but how do professional athletes train in the warmth of summer? As we had never been involved in ski jumping before, we wanted to explain the way training takes place during the summer season. This is a part of ski jumping that usually remains rather unknown. We have decided to show this sport with the "Skiclub Degenfeld“. To get a deeper insight into the training life we contacted and interviewed the athletes, their family members and coaches to learn their stories and feelings.

Fotographic work

We have documented the sport photographically to create a visual feeling to the content and bring the sport closer to the viewer.


To ensure that the magazine has a clear and informative structure we divided the magazines layout into three topic blocks that explain the environment, personal experience and training equipment of the athletes.

The typographical hierarchy distinguishes clearly between title, information, questions and answers.

The photographic works are adapted to the content and serve primarily to visually support the information.

We have decided to use transparent paper and a grey cardboard as cover to create a change between winter and summer.


Juli 2019


Meret Ripper, Jennifer Schnurr


Nadine Villani